1. Gaming

    Achievements in Gaming

    1. Venarium Warrior

      Participated in Stonehammer sieges.

  2. Metagaming

    1. Master Chief

      A War Chief that consistently manages the new recruit threads.

    2. Cimmerian Diplomat

      A member who represents the Snowhawk Clan presence in an official manner on Game related forums

    3. Ancient Veteran

      AOC pre-launch veterans, whose membership base and loyalty gave real cause to this current Barbarian flavored guild, and often faced the dreaded 'Lore test'...

    4. Ravensborg

      Made the epic journey to Ravensborg, May 2012

    5. Contarpulator

      Invision era member. Don't contarpulate with the guards please.

    6. Headhunter

      Someone who has recruited several shorthairs to Snowhawk Clan

    7. Stalwart

      Someone continuously active and contributing in the community for at least 2 years, with no real breaks.

    8. Cartographer

      Someone who has created maps for games SHC has had a presence in.

    9. Party Time!

      Those who routinely distinguish themselves by spreading birthday joy.

    10. Word Wizard

      Has averaged at least 2 posts a day over a period of 2 years.

    11. Rinaldo the Bard

      Someone who has submitted a significant textual work used in clan recruitment

  3. Other

    1. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

      Someone who we have fond memories of, whose account is kept active in hopes that they may return.

    2. Tavern Sitter

      Someone who participates in the forums, but doesn't game.

    3. Peeping Tom

      Someone who lurks these forums, but rarely posts.

    4. Cave Painter

      Someone who has submitted artwork for use on the website or in-game.