Tales of the Snowhawk Clan

"Hail outlander, 

We are what the southlanders tell their children about when they wish to inspire fear. We are the hard people of the unforgiving north. We are the kin of barbaric nomads and warrior-kings alike. 

We are The Snowhawk Clan... 

The blood of our Atlantean ancestors is strong and fierce in our veins, and their descendants remain unconquered, or conquerors, depending on what paths we take. 

We stand for honor, hearth and home, and for kith and kin. Let none gainsay our word, and let none of our tribe bring reproach on our house.

We slay often and easily, but not without purpose and reason. We may be savage, but we are not fools. We honor our allies, and esteem our honest foes, and trample the shiftless and fork-tongued without hesitation or remorse."
Feb 10, 2013
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