Black Mirror

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Entaro, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Anyone heard of this show? Looks like Netflix produced a 4th Season. I only watched Season 4, didn't realize it was the 4th season. lol

    The best way I could describe it I guess is modern Twilight zone. All the episodes have a futuristic twist. Really enjoyed it so far, going to go back now and watch Seasons 1-3.

    Like Twilight zone, the episodes are kind of self-contained stories with different actors. (though there seems to be Easter eggs and share the same universe).
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    Avoid the first ep like the plague.
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    Love the series, I caught it at the start of Season 3 and thought it was the 1st until I finished it lol

    I didn't find ALL of them top quality, but even the episodes that didn't really grab me, are still good. Typically have some sort of not too far off future, playing on some sort of societal commentary. Really enjoy it.