Did Agent 99 have a name?

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Eigeir, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Eigeir

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    I was wondering if the character played by Barbara Feldon ever said her name?
  2. Thanok Guest
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    I saw the movie and thought it was pretty good.... and I dont recall ever hearing her name spoken.

    Agent Ivana Humpalot ?....
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    I did some internet searching and per several sources, no.

    Here is the wikipedia entry on the topic:

    My wife and I enjoyed this movie. If you are looking for some light fun, I think it fits the bill nicely.

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  4. Mendo
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    I really liked the movie too. Much better and funnier than I expected.
  5. Stonewolf Guest

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    For some strange reason I keep thinking it was "Maxine" ...

    ... but I don't know why.