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    A Word of Warning

    Rude, arrogant loudmouths who constantly insult others will find their posts edited and their membership being reconsidered by the leadership. We merely ask that you express your opinions in a civil and non-belligerent manner. Making aggressive or inflammatory statements riddled with insults to other members will result in moderator intervention.

    The Snowhawk Clan Message Board - Posting Rules

    1. Post in the correct forum: Our message board has a variety of forums to help you quickly find subjects that interest you and to make it easier for you to navigate the various threads. Each forum has a particular focus and you should refrain from staring a new thread that does not relate to that forum's intended subject matter. If in doubt, start a new thread in the General Discussion forum and let a moderator decide if it should be moved.​

    2. Stay on topic: A person who starts a thread usually has a particular topic they would like to discuss with other members. Please respect their wishes and only post responses that relate to the subject of the thread. When something is mentioned that you would like to explore more in-depth but is off topic for the discussion at hand then please start a new thread of your own.​

    3. Respect others: Every member is entitled to his or her opinion and has the right to tactfully express their beliefs. Please respect their opinions even if you do not agree and be friendly. Civil discussions and controlled arguments are perfectly acceptable and a normal part of forum banter. However, pointed insults, ultimatums and defamation are not permissible, and will be dealt with by the moderators. "Flame wars" will under no circumstances be tolerated.​

    4. Pornographic Images: Due to certain Snowhawk members viewing this forum from corporate work stations, you are prohibited from posting pornographic, sexually offensive or grotesque images of a type that are unsuitable for a corporate/office environment. You are further prohibited from posting links to such images.​

    a. "Not Safe For Work" Policy: "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) is a warning posted on the internet before displaying any images that might be deemed questionable or misconstrued as sexual material, so that users may avoid viewing images that they, or others, find objectionable. Before you link to any image that might be misconstrued as sexual material or obscene, you must post "NSFW" at the title of your thread or post, or next to any link that leads to such images. Please keep in mind the policy on questionable material when linking and make sure to use this warning: "NSFW."

    b. "Happy Birthday" Threads: There will occasionally be threads created in the Mead Hall celebrating various member's birthdays. These threads, whether they are marked NSFW or not are always to be considered unsafe for work viewing and are very likely to contain lewd pictures of scantily clad or naked women and men.​

    5. Emoticons ("smilies"): It is hard to overstate the importance of using emoticons when posting. Being an international community, some subtleties and nuances of language can easily be distorted or lost on others. The simple addition of an emoticon to your post can make all the difference and prevent misunderstandings. The reverse is true as well so pay attention to the emoticons used by others.​

    6. Signature Restrictions: Any image used in a Signature should not be more than 1MB in size or exceed 800 pixels in width and 400 in height (800x400). Please make sure that your signature does not contravene these restrictions or the normal forum rules. Additionally, animated .gifs are not allowed in signatures.

    7. Avatar Restrictions: If you choose to upload a custom avatar, please ensure that the avatar reflects the spirit of the Clan's quasi-historical fantasy or general fantasy setting. A consistent avatar theme helps promote a specific atmosphere and unified motif. There are over 500 different images to choose from in our Avatar Gallery.
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