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    Hi All. Friday the 26th of October is our first actual schedule session.

    Several people have not yet created their characters. (If you've ever played table top D&D before, this is normal...)

    So the plan is that we'll start out by helping those who haven't created characters yet to do so. We'll give that an hour or so. Then we'll try to at least get your party underway.

    Things that first time DnD players should know ahead of time.

    • Each game session usually involves a lot of chatting and stuff that doesn't move the game forward. Expect it. enjoy it. It's a social event as much as a game.
    • Actual battles take a LONG time to run. A fight with half a dozen people that would be over in a minute or less in most MMOs might take an hour because each "chance to hit" has to be manually rolled and so on. Expect it. Grab some snacks and sit back and relax.
    • Because of the length of time it takes to process a battle, most gaming sessions will have no more than one battle. Some gaming sessions won't have any battles. That's ok. This is an RP thing as much as a combat thing. More, actually.
    • Because this is so much an RP thing, take the time to create a background for your character. Read the posted material about the setting and starting situation so that your character's background makes sense with the setting.
    • Play your character. No, that doesn't mean you have to "do voices" or even speak verbatim. But it means take your character's nature into account when having them do stuff. For example, if your character is a near pacificst Cleric of Hambra? Don't play them as eager for battle. Is your character a scholarly mage? Don't play them as eager for battle. Is your character anything other than a lunatic? Don't play them as eager for battle. (See...I know you guys!)
    • While this is an RP thing, it's not an ERP thing. Keep your erotic (or even romantic) fantasies to yourself.
    Much of the time I’ll describe a situation and say: What do you do?

    You just describe what your character says or does. What your character does has to make sense for the setting and for your character’s personality.

    If a battle is going on I’ll keep track of who gets to act next. When it’s your turn, you tell me what action you wish to take (attack, move, whatever). Whether you are able to do a given action will depend on where you are on the map, what’s around you and so on.

    For example, if you are surrounded by enemies on all sides, you cannot move to a new hex. If you have no enemies in adjacent hexes, you cannot do a melee attack. These are pretty much common sense things.

    Expect that because I haven’t done this in a long time and because we have several people who are new to it, things will happen slowly. As we have more sessions and everyone gets more comfortable with the way things work, it’ll go faster.

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