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    A fresh start awaits you on the shores of BARBARIANS RP-PVP Primitive MaxDinoLvL30 MaxLvL60 Come join us establish a new footing with all the lessons learned from our last adventure.

    BARBARIANS RP-PVP Primitive MaxDinoLvL30 MaxLvL60

    You can visit this webpage:

    and click on the server IP # and this will prompt you to launch the game and directly connect to the server!

    Barbarians RP-PVP Primitive w/Guns, 1.0 Normal Difficulty Max LVL 30 Dinos Server

    We are a PVP focused server and RP is encouraged.

    We wanted a server where it's not about who can get their highest level dinos and level them up until they are unstoppable beasts, but about PVP. Where your dino is not invulnerable, you have to chose your fights carefully.
    Setting up a metal base with 20 turrets doesn't add to PVP, it detracts from it. It encourages hoarding and stagnation. This is why we are a 'mostly' primitive server.
    We allow most items created via the smithy. This includes things like bear traps, primitive guns and ammo, and the radio. Ballistas allow for stone base raiding.

    Rex and Spino are now tamable, but you've had to pull their teeth to tame them. They are not useful in PVP, only for eggs/kibble, to keep more variety of dinosaurs being used. It also keeps everyone on a more equal footing. Making the game more about skill and ingenuity rather than gear and who has the best pets.
    Giganotosaurus is not tamable.

    The maximum highest level dino you will find is level 30. Once tamed, you can level your dino up 20 additional times.

    Player level is capped at 61.

    - 3x Taming Speed
    - 2x Resource Gathering
    - 1.5x Experience
    - .25 Mating Speed
    - 6x Egg Hatching
    - 8x Baby Growth
    - Fortitude is 4x per point spent
    - Food and Water drain is about half of normal.
    - Daytime lasts about twice as long.

    70 slot server is hosted on the west coast USA.

    We are looking for players who enjoy PVP skill over gear and pets. Players who do not expect everything to be handed to them. Make your own way on the ARK. Come join us.

    PVP structure decay and Admin Logging have been turned ON! You will know exactly when an admin is using a command, it shows up right in chat. We are fully open to transparency and admin commands will only be used when absolutely needed.

    The server was started on August 27. Our community is building quickly and there is room for more. If you are looking for a fresh start with a challenging but balanced environment, this could be the place for you.


    - Refrain from harassment or racist abuse in chat.
    - Hacking, exploiting, or cheating will not be tolerated.
    - Please do not use pillars or foundations as placeholders or land grabs, they will be removed.
    - Avoid camping or repeatedly killing the same players or tribes and/or their pets. Get a kill, loot, be merry, be on your way. We want everyone to have fun!

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