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    Community and Communication

    The Snowhawk Clan is an online community rather than just simply a gaming guild. We place an extremely high emphasis on forum activity to maintain group cohesion and to stay in touch on a weekly basis - this is essential. All SHC members are required and expected to use our forums regularly. To reiterate - the forums are extremely important to us. If you are the type of person that does not bother to read and post on forums, we ask that you do not waste either of our time with applying.

    Furthermore, everybody is expected to use voice chat, even if you are soloing or otherwise doing your own thing. From the point of view of the Snowhawk Clan, voice chat is an integral piece to a strong community and is required to foster a bond between its members. Game-chat alone is simply insufficient in getting to know others, especially while gaming. In order for us to all know eachother, we must speak to one another. As above, please do not waste the time to apply if you are disinterested in becoming part of a community.

    Currently Accepting Petitions For:

    Friends & Family

    Petitioners will be held responsible for their actions, though no one will be booted without due process (unless the act is totally egregious). Keep in mind that although we allow applicants to wear our clan tag (SHC), it does not mean they are full representatives of this clan, although to outsiders it will look and feel that way, so be mindful of how you carry yourself and remember that you bear our name.

    To join the Snowhawk Clan you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are younger than 18 and do not have a parent in the guild, you will not be allowed to join us unless you have otherwise proven yourself an able and respectful person in our company.

    The following image contains questions you should answer in your application to join our Clan. Ensure that your answers are expansive and detailed and not simply 3 sentences of "one liners" We want to get to know you! Please create an application post within this subforum "Petitioner's Hovel".

    Additionally, please signify in your application that you have read the Snowhawk Guidelines and Forum Rules.

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