Partial Server Wipe: Cimmeria RP-PVP

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    As some of you may know, we had to institute a partial server wipe this past Friday evening due to the server database bloat becoming unmanageable. We managed to find a solution that kept players' character progression, inventories and some special buildings intact (crafting stations, thralls, boxes) in some cases, but not guaranteed.

    Unfortunately at the moment Conan: Exiles is terribly optimized on the network side of the equation and thus we have ran into issues over the past several days of our server restart times becoming increasingly prolonged, to the point of total refusal to boot up with a multitude of error messages.

    After investigating the problem further, and attempting various solutions, we believe that the main issue is player-created buildings, specifically when they are built near NPC villages and spawn locations. The server will continue to attempt to spawn NPC's and their assets and we believe this results in the server eventually crashing itself.

    Going forward we will not be allowing any players to build on or near NPC camps / cities, etc... Any bases found in NPC locations may be completely leveled by the server administrators. FAIR WARNING

    This is not an issue with our server in particular. In fact it is our belief at this time that this is a primary factor that lead to the dissolution of the official servers, as well as the reason many of the more popular unofficial servers having to institute wipes. I would like to restate that Cimmeria RP-PVP has a very strong dedicated server back-end, and while we do the best we can to try and minimize latency the game's network and database management is simply very lackluster at the moment.

    Ultimately, I would like for you all to temper your expectations with regard to early access. It has been less than 1 week since launch and we have already had to institute a fairly major partial wipe to combat untenable issues. We will continue to diligently monitor and maintain the server status to the best of our abilities, but we could always be one patch away from a catastrophic error or game corruption, etc... The underlying issues that caused us to partial-wipe are still not fixed, and may continue to rear their ugly head in the coming days and weeks.

    Thank you for understanding. :letsgo:

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