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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eigeir, Jun 20, 2008.

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    Which came first or is there a good timeline: "Red Nails" and "Beyond the Black River", I am reading "Red Nails" again (first time in over 10 years) and I feel "Beyond the Black River" is much earlier but am not sure.

    I read BtBR every year.
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    I believe its stated (perhaps vaguely) that Conan's rise to the throne is not long after 'Black River', so unless Conan found a way down south before his takeing of the throne, I would assume Red Nails comes before. However my accuracy here is a little vague....
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    Thanks, can you think of where you saw that, I do have most of the books (all REH and LSD & LC, though I only trust REH) so I will try to find that, just seems since it was so close to home, and the way he speaks of (read the line in my sig) as if it was so recent, I just thought it came first.
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    I don't remember reading that, but I don't think conan was all that young, he was a pirate before he took up the mercenary trade I think, I know the official timelines that aren't cannon (I don't consider them cannon anyway) put beyond the black river as after red nails. He also feels older, more sure of himself amongst civilized folk, more used to them in beyond the black river.
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  6. Eigeir

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    As a matter of fact it does... I win!!!!! No seriously, thanks Fingaar and thanks to Vingnir and Hakon for letting me be right :shc: :D