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    Stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of the mysterious island known as ARK, you must hunt food, harvest materials, craft gear, grow crops, research tech, tame animals, and build to withstand the elements and conquer your survival with your fellow Snowhawks.

    ARK: Survival Evolved has been a pretty interesting game thus far. First things first: The major strike against this game at the moment is that is very poorly optimized, meaning the frame-rates you will be able to achieve will be poor unless you are prepared to sacrifice graphical fidelity, coupled with lag that can cause rubber-banding and frustration.

    Flavor of the month? Hard to say... a month can be a long time... For those of us who enjoyed the surivival-PvEvP gametype of DayZ, ARK provides a welcome second serving of that same fun. As I see it, its a $25 excuse to hang out with good people and achieve something as a group, which is always a good time.

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    Hola guys!

    My steam friends list is filled with people playing this. I never got into Day Z but I'm kind of intrigued by these survival games. Are these the kind of games that require you to basically be on call?

    Edit: Haha nevermind...Just read through the thread in the gaming section. Looks kind of badass!
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    That's too bad, because it plays well and I had a lot of fun punching trees and crafting shit last night.
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    Its got a long way to go for sure but still pretty fun.
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    Lol wtf with the tree punching? Some kinda JCVD buff?
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